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We’ve put together a representative selection of JDS projects for you to browse through. Each has a paragraph overview of the scope and magnitude of the work we carried out for our client. There is a slide show of photos to illustrate each job, too.

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Acid Plant, Savannah, GA (2013)

EPA Superfund clean-up of a 1600-acre chemical facility spanning a mile of the Savannah River. JDS carried out demolition of all facilities, structures, buildings and equipment, down to grade. Abatement of all ACM was completed at a fixed cost. Salvage of chemical assets, metals and plant equipment, including oil-filled transformers, turbines, heat exchangers and motors, netted the client additional revenue from parts and scrap. A large-scale power generation plant adjacent to the facility, that formerly serviced the city of Savannah, was also demolished. Work was safely performed around an operational sulfuric acid-manufacturing facility.

Albany International Facility, East Greenbush, NY (2011)

Mechanical demolition of warehouse and attached three-story office building of the Albany International Corporation manufacturing facility. Using a combination of excavators fitted with a grapple or shear, the buildings were razed in a controlled manner from top to bottom. Some torch pre-cutting of the longer structural members was employed in order to safely demolish the structures. After the buildings had been collapsed, steel and recyclable clean fill was extracted, sorted and prepared for transport off site. All foundations, piers and floor slabs were crushed on site and the concrete stockpiled for reuse as aggregate. The project was safely completed within a two-month time frame.

Alcoa, Badin, NC (2011)

Demolition, equipment dismantlement, asset redeployment and asbestos abatement of Alcoa’s Badin works. Built in 1916, it was one of the oldest aluminum smelting plants in the USA. JDS disposed of environmental contaminates including asbestos and hazardous chemicals prior to demolishing 450,000 square feet of buildings to eight feet below grade. The client also required the dismantlement and shipment of specific plant assets for redeployment at other Alcoa facilities. Around 10,000 tons of metal was recycled. Storm water, erosion and sediment controls were also established to ensure no off-site migration to the neighboring Yadkin River.

BASF Manufacturing Plant Site, Rensselaer, NY (2010)

Demolition, dismantlement and asbestos abatement of former BASF colorants manufacturing facility that had been abandoned for 10 years. The site consisted of deteriorated buildings of various sizes, types and construction and included a smoke stack. Certain buildings were deemed structurally unsound and had to be deconstructed with asbestos in place. Demolition was carried out to slab grade for all buildings. Steel was salvaged, cleaned and recycled. ACM debris was removed from site and disposed of by appropriate legal methods.

Espirito Santo Bank, Miami, FL (2000)

Interior demolition and implosion of a nine-story steel, glass and concrete office building set on floating, mat-slab foundations. The work was carried out on prestigious Brickell Avenue, in Miami’s booming financial district, and in close proximity to other high-rise structures. An external 10-story stair and elevator tower, recognized to be an additional hazard, was severed at its center to prevent buckling and ensure it collapsed within the site footprint. Scope of work also included de-watering the building’s underground car park, and separation and recycling of demolition debris with concrete waste used in clean fill sites.

Invista S.A.R.L, Waynesboro, VA (2013)

Partial demolition of an operational Invista (formerly DuPont) facility. Prior to demolition, continuous polymerization units were dismantled and redeployed, extensive asbestos abatement was performed, and residual process materials in lines and tanks were removed for disposal. Structural demolition included two process units, a bulk continuous nylon production facility and a Lycra production facility. Due to the proximity of the structures to operational units, the bulk continuous fiber facility was demolished by non-mechanized methods.

International Paper, Pineville, LA (2011)

JDS was contracted to prepare the 150-acre site of IP’s idled paper mill for redevelopment. The project included demolition of specified buildings, tanks, piping and electrical equipment. Selective equipment was also preserved for relocation to other IP sites. Asbestos abatement included the removal of wall panels, roofing and the black coating on four large storage tanks. Over 20,000 tons of recyclable materials were also salvaged. The project was awarded on a lump-sum net basis, with an additional incentive plan presented by JDS to profit-share once an agreed revenue goal had been attained. Work was completed in a one-year timeframe.

State Office Complex, Waterbury, VT (2013)

Selective and total structural demolition and asset recovery across a 350,000 square foot site of flood-damaged structures rendered unusable after Tropical Storm Irene. Demolition was carried out around active state offices without loss of power and with stringent measures in place to minimize disruption. JDS completed work to Gold LEED standards. More than 65,000 historic face bricks and 5000 square foot of original roofing slate were salvaged, undamaged. In total, over 90% of all demolished material was recycled. WPTZ News described the project as: ‘The ultimate in recycling, an example of embracing green building practices.’