EPA Superfund

Project Name: EPA Superfund
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Start Date: January 2013
End Date: December 2013
Project Type: Power Generation
Project Cost: $$$
Services Used:
Project Description
Pre-mobilization activities included lead assessments, hazardous material testing and ambient air monitoring, in addition to spill response and contingency planning. Residual TiO2 and other chemical contaminates were contained, removed and disposed of at permitted facilities. JDS was also responsible for identifying and abating all asbestos at a fixed cost. Above-grade demolition of decaying production equipment, including process lines, stacks, boilers and pipe racks, was carried out, while warehouses and processing buildings were razed to grade to facilitate the client’s industrial repurposing of the site. In addition, selective demolition and building separations were executed around the working areas of an operational sulfuric acid-manufacturing facility. A large-scale power generation plant, adjacent to the plant that formerly serviced the City of Savannah, was also demolished. Salvage of chemical assets, metals and plant equipment, including oil-filled transformers, turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and motors, helped the client net additional revenue from parts and scrap.

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