Flint Hills Odessa

Project Name: Flint Hills Odessa
Location: Odessa, Texas
Start Date: 2014
End Date: 2016
Project Type: Petrochemical
Project Cost: $$$$
Services Used:
Project Description
Once the world's largest inland petrochemical plant, Jackson was contracted to carry out its demolition so that the site could be considered for repurposing. The project consisted of demolition of structures to grade, preparing selective items for resale, recycling debris and salvaging scrap. On completion of pre-demolition environmental remediation, Jackson commenced the structural dismantlement of the plant. Four main structure types existed: substation buildings, process units, pipe racks and distillation columns. Demolition of low-bay substations was performed from top down, utilizing 75,000LB and 60,000LB excavators equipped with universal processors, shears, grapples, bucket, hammer and/or pulverize. Every effort was made to recycle all waste generated from the project. Clean (non-hazardous) debris was segregated and processed for recycling and reuse, including unpainted wood and brick. Where possible, concrete was reused to fill below-grade openings resulting from the demolition process.

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