Gorgas Power Plant- Unit 8, 9, & 10

Project Name: Gorgas Power Plant- Unit 8, 9, & 10
Location: Parrish, Alabama
Start Date: 2020
End Date: Present
Project Type: Power Generation
Project Cost: $$$$
Services Used:
Project Description
This project consisted of the demolition of 250 structures/assets, including three coal-fired boilers and turbines, which previously produced over 1,166 MW of power, SCR building, numerous baghouses, scrubbers, a barge unloader and various structures including a 250' tall stack and 750' tall chimney.
The facility had no railroad access, so coal was shipped to the facility by barges on the nearby river where a barge loader and unloader would handle the coal. The barge unloader is a 140-ton material handler that is supported on the river by a bridge island with upstream and downstream pulley islands. Additionally, a warehouse building was constructed over a creek using over 480+ steel batter-piles and precast concrete floor beams, slab, walls, and roofing. Both structures required underwater demolition to remove the structures, piles and caissons to the mud line.
Explosive demolition techniques were used to fell the large, suspended boiler buildings and SCR building in September 2021. The 750’ tall scrubber chimney was near a protected burial ground, active high voltage lines, transmission station and the river, requiring the top 370’ of the stack to be removed manually before the remaining 380’ could be explosively felled as one of the last major activities on-site.
Over 60,000 gross tons of metal and 30,000 tons of concrete has been recycled or reused to achieve a 98% recycling rate. Jackson is nearing contract completion on this project, with the project site transitioning into civil and site restoration phases.

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