GPI Augusta Paper Mill

Project Name: GPI Augusta Paper Mill
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Start Date: 2019
End Date: 2022
Project Type: Paper & Pulp
Project Cost: $$$
Services Used:
Project Description
This project consisted of the dismantlement and removal of various abandoned processes located within an operating mill. Two 120’ tall dry towers, located inside an operating unit, were disassembled using a crane and manlifts. A 110’ tall precipitator, 350’ tall stack and ducting located over an operating unit, were disassembled using cranes from man-baskets, which allowed for continued operation of processes in the area. A multi-level building housed the M&D Digester that measured approximately 8’ in diameter and 90’ in length, includingall vessels, tanks and miscellaneous equipment, was located between two operating units and adjacent to the main plant road. Dismantlement of the old screen room was completed using a combination of hand and mechanical techniques that allowed for continuous operation of the live conveyor 4’ above the rook and electrical support of the adjacent room that shared a common wall. Various other tanks, vessels and equipment located throughout the plant and all adjacent to operating process were also included in the work scope.

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