IP Savannah

Project Name: IP Savannah
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Start Date: 2019
End Date: 2020
Project Type: Paper & Pulp
Project Cost: $$
Services Used:
Project Description
Jackson was contracted to dismantle and remove four paper machines dating back to the 1930 and 1940's, along with bark digesters and bark conveyors. Due to the deterioration and age of the structure, and that the floors and building were to remain when completed, Jackson had to take special precautions and engineering to remove the 300 ten-ton rollers either intact or in very large sections. Cranes were mobilized into the building and utilized to remove and lower the components to the basement elevation and then pulled from the building for size reduction and recycling in a different location outside. In preparation to remove the paper machines and rollers Jackson was required to gut out the basement, which had been designated an "Abandoned Area". The complexities of removing all piping and components in and around live and active steam, process lines and live electrical lines posed significant concerns, and JDS successfully developed procedures, first line breaks LOTO, and a double and triple check system to ensure safety and productivity.

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