Augusta Resolute Phase 1 Dismantling Project

Project Name: Augusta Resolute Phase 1 Dismantling Project
Location: Augusta, GA
Start Date: August 2021
End Date: July 2022
Project Type: Paper & Pulp
Project Cost: $$
Services Used:
Project Description
The Resolute Augusta Paper Mill, built in 1966, had the capacity to produce 397,000 metric tons per year of newsprint on two machines. The facility was idled in 2016 due to the decline in North American newsprint consumption. The facility included two paper machines, and administrative building, boiler truck dump, package boiler, biomass boiler, boiler hog, shop, sludge press, reclaimer, RNP area, clarifiers, chests, tanks, vessels, and misc. structures.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and universal wastes were removed from the buildings prior to dismantling and demolition work.

Critical communication and steam lines which were required to remain fully operational ran through the facility in racks that were connected to the main paper machine building. In addition to fiber optic and sensitive computer equipment housed in the centralized date room on the second floor of the paper machine building.

Demolition to remove all but one bay of the building allowed more surgical dismantling work to be performed on select walls, floors and equipment which was on the second floor of the muilt-floor building. This phase of the job required surgical exactness.

The project generated approximately 15,000 GT of ferrous metals during the project. The work completed without damage to critical assets, on time and budget while reporting zero injuries.

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