"U" Building

Project Name: "U" Building
Location: Albany, New York
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2011
Project Type: Governmental & Institutional
Project Cost: $
Services Used:
Project Description
Located on the Southeastern corner of Albany Medical Center, Jackson was contracted for the demolition and removal of the 10-story "U" building structure and all connecting items between the "U" Building high-rise structure and "C" and "D" Buildings. Demolition was accomplished mechanically utilizing 35-50 ton excavators equipped with processors, grapples and/or buckets. A high-reach excavator equipped with a processor and basket grapple was used to perform building demolition activities incorporating proprietary methods to complete the mechanical demolition of the structures. As demolition was accomplished, recyclable steel and clean concrete and brick materials were separated, stock piled and stockpiled as required, for off-site transport.

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