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Safety is not simply a priority at Jackson Demolition. Safety is one of our fundamental values. Priorities change, but values are the core principle of who we are. At Jackson Demolition, when it comes to safety – we’ve got it down.

Jackson Demolition Safety in the Field

Safety at Jackson Demolition starts during the bidding and planning phases of a project. We include considerations for safe work methods in our bid proposals and translate those over to work plans as we prepare for a project.

During the preparation phase for a project, our safety department prepares a detailed Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan (SSHASP) covering the general hazard concerns, protective measures, and other details important to the project’s safety program.
As we begin field work and throughout the duration of the job, task specific documents are used to focus in on the hazards and protective measures of the exact work being performed. We pride ourselves on conforming to the specific policies or needs of a client location. We can change or modify our standard project programs to meet onsite compliance requirements.

At Jackson Demolition we believe that the protection of our employees, clients, communities, and environment is an important part of any project.

Safety, We’ve Got it Down.

Jackson Demolition Safety Culture

From the owner to the employees in the field, everyone at Jackson Demolition truly values the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues, and the communities in which we work. Our commitment is evident from the first meeting to the last day on site.

Jackson Demolition believes that a strong safety culture makes us a better employer, a better business, and a better contractor. Our safety culture principles are founded on the following ideas:

All incidents are preventable: We will strive each minute of each day to prevent injuries and incidents, however, should they occur, we will study and learn from them to be better equipped in the future. We will never shrug off a hazard as “being part of the business”.
Our employees are our greatest asset: Our employees make us a great organization, and by protecting them we also protect our future prosperity. In addition, our safety culture makes us a more appealing employment opportunity for talented people outside of our organization.
Safety is essential to our business: By being a safe and talented option, we are a stronger competitor for client business. Once we begin working with a new client, our safety culture helps to protect their employees and interests, which further develops the business relationship.
Be a good steward to our community and environment: When we enter a community, it is important that we limit our impact to the minimum necessary. Our work practices will include feasible methods to reduce or eliminate environmental impact.

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