Lansing Smith Units 1-2 Dismantlement Project

Project Name: Lansing Smith Units 1-2 Dismantlement Project
Location: Panama City, FL
Start Date: June 2021
End Date: December 2023
Project Type: Power Generation
Project Cost: $$
Services Used:
Project Description
The facility was constructed in the late 1960’s with the capacity to generate 340 MW. The two coal-fired units were slated for demolition following retirement in 2016. The project included the complete removal of Unit 1 and Unit 2 boilers, turbines, generators, offices, precipitators, coal handling structures and equipment, including the Reclaim Pit, Shaker House, Stacker/Reclaimer, conveyors, and crusher house, 250’ tall concrete stack, intake structures, pumps, and other equipment. The warehouse building and high-voltage power line supports, which were just feet away from the turbine building, were occupied during demolition and slated to remain.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM), universal wastes and oils were removed from the building prior to demolition work began.

Protective measures and careful planning were required to prevent damage to assets designated to remain. The taller portion of the Turbine Building, over the maintenance building, was dismantled before the lower levels were demolished. As the demolition work progressed, backfilling and site grading operations were performed concurrently with the demolition activities.

The boiler building, coal silo building and stack were explosively felled. Over 15,000 tons of metal were recycled locally and more than 25,000 tons of concrete were recycled off-site and clean concrete was re-used as backfill. Site grading work finished up to ensure the site would be free from man-made improvements to a depth of 3’ below grade except where specifically noted in the specifications.

The project was completed successfully on time, on budget and with no injuries.

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