Putnam Power Plant

Project Name: Putnam Power Plant
Location: East Palatka, Florida
Start Date: 2015
End Date: 2016
Project Type: Power Generation
Project Cost: $$$
Services Used:
Project Description
This project consisted of demolition of cooling towers, turbines, boilers, tanks and pipe racks across a 19-acre site that is located on both sides of US Route 17. Jackson was charged with removing the four remaining structures at the facility’s Tank Farm, situated on the western side of the plant and on the banks of the St Johns River. The largest river wholly in the state of Florida, St. Johns is a known habitat for the endangered West Indian manatee, with reported sightings at the power plant’s dock area. Extensive sediment controls including silt fencing and filter fabric were used to protect the river against run-off during dismantlement operations. The tanks, previously cleaned of all contaminates, were partially dismantled in sections by torch cutting, then the interior supports strategically weakened to facilitate controlled collapse by tripping. Foundations of all structures were mechanically removed, the rebar separated, and the concrete cleaned, downsized, and sent for recycling to be used as road bases and for soil stabilization at local landfill sites. Two hundred tons of piping that ran between the east and west sides of the plant, via a deep tunnel under US Route 17, was dismantled by hand work and torching and the sections pulled out with cables by excavator. Natural drainage on-site was re-established and the soil hydroseeded so that the land is suitable for repurposing, either as a commercial or residential property. All work was done in accordance with all state and federal laws.

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